The estate

Château Morillon is located in a beautiful green setting primarily given over to trees and vines in the small commune of Campugnan, about 50 km north of the city of Bordeaux. The soil is ideal for winegrowing: predominately clay-limestone and clay-silt with alluvia deposited by the nearby Gironde Estuary. In fact, this proximity, as well as that of the Atlantic Ocean, is responsible for the temperate microclimate, with early springs and late autumns, guaranteeing good ripening on plots facing southeast and southwest, with optimum sunshine.
Château Morillon, has made wine since the Middle Ages. This 35-hectare estate has 20 hectares of vines and 15 of woods and meadows. The grapes are grown entirely organically the only way to obtain the best fruit.

Château Morillon produces fine quality red wines. The AOC Bordeaux, made from vines grown on sandy-silty soil, is smooth and very fruity. Grown on clay-limestone soil, the vines in the Blaye-Côtes de Bordeaux appellation produce powerful wines with plenty of volume.


Both of these are made with the 4 premium Bordeaux grape varieties (Merlot, Cabernet, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Malbec) and aged under the watchful eye of Jean-Marie Mado, owner of Château Morillon, and Xavier Grassies, the cellarmaster.
The cellar has been designed to provide the best possible conditions for making wine.

An oenology laboratory with the Filière Biologique seal of approval (attesting to the organic nature of the wine) assists at every stage of ageing the wines in vat, as well as in barrel for part of the AOC Blaye-Côtes de Bordeaux.

Thanks to its remarkable quality, Château Morillon has won several medals in France and abroad.

Our production methods

You need grapes of outstanding quality to make excellent wine… It was felt that only organic winegrowing could achieve this, so the estate converted to this form of viticulture in 2004.

After three years, i.e. in 2007, organic certification was granted.
The vineyards expanded to a total of 20 hectares in 2010.
The buildings were renovated in 2011 to house a second cellar containing temperature-controlled stainless steel vats with a total capacity of 1,500 hectolitres, as well as a barrel cellar with a 100 hectolitre capacity and a storage area for bottled wines.

The estate has four employees to perform all the demanding tasks necessary throughout the year to grow quality organic grapes. This includes ploughing the soil and leaving grass to grow at the foot of the vine to take up any excess humidity in the soil, which is a vector for vine diseases.

No chemicals whatsoever are used in the Château Morillon vineyard. The only treatments are those authorised for organic viticulture: cooper and sulphur, and then only in very small quantities. “You need to anticipate and prevent problems”, explains Jean-Marie Mado, “to protect the vines before they are attacked, and to keep to homeopathic doses. After, it’s too late. ”

The grapes are picked only when fully ripe, when the balance is just right between the pH and acidity. Fermentation is also entirely natural. “Only natural indigenous yeasts are used. They account for the strength and unique taste profile of our wines”, which are aged by cellarmaster Xavier Grassies.
Chantal and Jean-Marie Mado work tirelessly towards making the best possible wines. Their enthusiasm and hard work has been amply rewarded, because Château Morillon’s reputation grows with each passing year. The wine has won medals in France and abroad, and is currently exported to over 10 countries.