Philosophy, organic culture and sharing

The sustainable agriculture of Château Morillon

Since the purchase of the property in 2004, the vines have been grown organically.

After 3 years of conversion, the whole domain was certified Biological in 2007.

“Being organic is going back to the daily work in the vines”

An organic viticulture with the least amount of inputs possible

Being organic isn’t only to stop using pesticide and synthetic fertilizers. Indeed, it is above all going back to farmer and manual works which made our agriculture rich and complex.

Although we have never had a conventional way to grow our vines, we are aware of its bad effects on the nature. Many things lead to the destruction of the biodiversity and the local flora and fauna : using grasskillers, other synthetical fungicide or deadly products made by the agrochemical industry.

Being organic is going back to manual work and the observation of the vines.

In order to remove the « adventices » (or weeds) which threaten the vines and which can cause diseases, we do shallow plowing and scrapings.

In order to avoid fungal pressures, such as the mildew, we thin out the leaves, not the develop suckers (which carry humidity). When needed,we spray Bordeaux-mixture-based treatments (lime and copper), less than 4kg per hectare a year.

Measures in favor of biodiversity

When you do organic vinegrowing,it is also very important to fill the instability caused by human beings. The main cause is the forming of one single cultivated species. When nature is unbalanced, a plant, an insect, a bird is considered a pest.

Our forests, fields and other flowery strips offer countless shelters for birds which prey on insects. We don’t use any deadly synthetic pesticides, residues, nor yeast..

In order to stimulate the life of the soil, we work on limiting, even stopping plowing because the ground is home to millions of living beings. All these measures contribute to increase the presence of living things on the property, and this biodiversity makes the plant more resistant.

Sharing, Pleasure and interaction

Our philosophy goes beyond an organic and green viticulture. We also like the sharing and the friendly touch around our organic wines. Moreover, we think wine must be and remain an affordable product to everybody. That’s why we produce good wines without pesticide residues, nor yeast, and affordable to the consumer.

For many years, we have distributed our wines for the network specialised in organic shops.

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